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Are Saltwater Hot Tubs Better? Hot Spring Customers Say Yes

If you're in the market for a new hot tub, you've probably heard about salt water care systems. You might be wondering if a salt water care system is the right option for your family. Salt water provides the same level of sanitation as chlorine to keep your spa clean, but without the harsh chemicals. Many spa owners prefer salt systems because they're easy to use, gentle on skin and hair, and provide an all-around better hot tub experience.

Hot Tub Enclosures for All Seasons

A hot tub enclosure can be a simple roof over your spa or an exterior room that allows you to use your hot tub in even the worst weather.

A hot tub enclosure may be just the thing to resist the elements and allow you to enjoy the warmth and massaging jets of your spa all year round, whatever the weather may bring. You have a range of options from simple shade protection to a full customized structure. Your first step is to consult with an expert who can point you in the direction of your building, plumbing, and electrical needs for a spa enclosure that is specifically suited to your home.

What Is the Best Massage Option from Top Hot Tub Brands?

The best hot tub massage requires powerful jets from a reliable spa model.

In order to enjoy the best massage hot tub, you need to purchase a quality model that offers multiple jets, multiple types of jets, and a powerful pump that provides enough pressure for anything from soothing massage action to deep-tissue penetration. With so many hot tub brands out there, it can be difficult to determine which is the best massage hot tub available for you and your home. With some background knowledge about hot tub jets and available manufacturer options, you can find the ideal opportunity for a daily, customized hot tub massage right at home.